Presented by a band of underground rebels, Bad Apple Hair’s latest collection is all about the dichotomy between rebellion and conformity. Diffused, worn-in textures battle with strict, wire-wrapped braids as undulating Medusa-like updos clash with laid-back tendrils. Will they? Won’t they? And are you brave enough to hang around and find out…?

“Our annual Bad Apple Hair shoot is part of an overriding 10 year creative plan, which started with our first collection, Year Zero – BORN,” explains creative director Aid Tams. “Every year the concept ‘grows’ by 4 years and works to project that progression of life from a Bad Apple perspective. We now arrive at our third collection, Year Three – SCULPT. Now the concept that began it all is 8 years old – the years during which you’re most sculpted. The theme of the shoot reflects the negative and positive, ‘shall I?’, ‘shan’t I?’, bad vs. good. Our attitude transmitted through ‘Sculpt’ is slightly rebellious but still, deep down, having to reaffirm the rules.”

Hair: Aid Tams (styling), Stephanie Peckmore and the Bad Apple Art Team (colour)
Make-Up: Julia Wilson
Photography: Alex Barron-Hough
Styling: Rhona Enzuma